Prayer Journal – Week 3

Have you ever felt scared or helpless? This week’s Bible reading tells about a time when some of Jesus’ disciples were scared and he saved them.

Go to your prayer place and say the Lord’s Prayer. Spend a minute just being quiet to prepare your heart to listen to God’s Word.

Then find and read this passage in the Bible: Mark 4:35-41.

Once you have read the passage, spend a minute being quiet again. Listen for what God may be saying to you in your heart. Are there any words or parts of the story that seem to speak to you?

Then spend some time talking to God about what you read. Here are some things you may want to speak with him about.

  • The disciples were afraid that their boat would sink in the storm and that they would drown. It appeared that Jesus did not realize what was happening since he was sleeping through the storm. Have you ever felt scared and helpless like the disciples in this story?
  • What do you think Jesus would say and do if you told him what you were afraid of and asked him to save you?

Finally, draw a picture of Jesus quieting the wind and the sea. Put yourself in the picture. Where would you be? What would you be doing?