Idea Search

Find an object that will be a starting point for a piece of writing.

The object should

  • be personally meaningful
  • have a story behind it (how you got it or why it is special)

The object could be something you found, a gift that was given to you, a card or letter from a special person, a photograph of a special person, place or pet…

Your challenge is to write a story that includes your chosen object (or the person, place, or animal pictured in your photograph).

It’s easy enough to tell the real story behind your object, but see if you can come up with a creative story.

Will your object be a character in the story, or part of the setting, problem or solution?

Remember, you are the author, so you get decide the genre of your story. It may be realistic fiction in which the story is made up, but things happen as they would in real-life. Or it could be fantasy – flying cars, talking animals, walking rocks… See where your imagination takes you and write away.