Easter Cards

We have been making some simple Easter cards for family and neighbours.

Daffodil card
You will need: orange and yellow paint, a fork, glue, scissors, egg box, a piece of card

Instructions: Cut out 1 section from an egg box and paint it orange. Set aside to dry. Meanwhile take a price of folded card  and dip the fork in yellow paint. Press and roll the fork onto the card each time making a round pattern. Do the same with the orange paint, going just inside the yellow pattern. When completely dry, attach the painted egg box piece in the centre to complete the daffodil.


Bunny card
You will need: a piece of card folded, a piece of coloured paper or newspaper – plain or patterned, a cup or similar round item to draw around, scissors, glue, string, pom poms or buttons, google eyes or buttons, felt tip pen

Instructions: On the sheet of paper, use the cup to trace out the bunny’s body then place the smaller circle on top to make the head. Draw on some ears then cut around the shape. Glue onto the card. Glue on the google eyes or buttons for eyes. Add a Pom Pom or a button for the nose. Draw on the mouth. Cut small lengths of string for the whiskers and glue on.


‘Hoppy Easter’ card
You will need: a piece of card, paint, felt tip pen

Instructions: Take a piece of folded card. Dip finger into paint to make rabbit or chick figures. We used pink and yellow paint. Wait until completely dry then draw on rabbit and chick features using a felt tip pen.


Chick picture
You will need: paper, egg box, orange and yellow paint, google eyes or buttons, glue, feathers(optional)

Instructions: Cut a small section of an egg box into a beak shape. Paint it orange and leave to dry. Paint palms of hands yellow, then press down each hand on paper so that it looks like chicks’ feathers. Wait until paint is dry then stick on ‘beak’, google eyes and feathers.