Bible Search

Here is a simple activity to introduce children and young people to the format of the Bible. It is best to use a regular Bible rather than a children’s version. The table of contents (or list of books of the Bible) which is found in most modern Bibles will also be helpful in completing this search. You can always make it more challenging by giving your child other books or passages to look for.

Search the Bible and record your findings.   

  • List 6 books in the Old Testament.
  • List 6 books in the New Testament.
  • Name two of the prophets from the Old Testament.
  • Name two of the Gospel writers.
  • Look up Luke 19:1-10. What is the title of this story?
    • (Hint: First find the book – Luke. Then look for the chapter – 19. Last, find the verses: 1-10.)
  • Look up Psalm 117. Copy it below.