Basics of Belief

Basics of Belief provides an opportunity for adults in our pastoral area to learn more about the Catholic faith and to consider ways of living that faith more deeply on a day to day basis. Whether you are an enquirer who wonders what Christianity is all about or a Christian who is simply looking for support in living your faith, you are most welcome to join us for any or all of these talks.

St Sylvester’s, Elgin – once a month on a Thursday, 7:30-8:30pm.

22 September – God & Suffering

27 October – Providence & Prayer

17 November – God Incarnate

15 December – Mary, the Mother of God

19 January – The Gift of Faith

16 February – Synod Update

16 March – Baptised, and now what?

20 April, 25 May, 22 June – Please check back for topics or use the contact form below to get in touch with Sr Imelda Ann for more details.