Read the story and add antonyms to show how Jack and Jill are not alike. You may want to copy and illustrate the story to share it with others. Can you come up with other ways in which Jack and Jill are different?

Jack and Jill are twins, but they are not alike… Jill is a girl; Jack is a ______________.

They are both seven years old, but Jack looks younger and Jill looks _______________.

Jack’s favorite season is winter because he likes _______________ weather.

Jill’s favorite season is _________________ because she likes hot weather.

Jill is tall, but Jack is _______________.

Jill likes to play inside, but Jack likes to play _______________.

Jack likes to shout, but Jill likes to _______________________.

Jack is loud, but Jill is __________________.

Sometimes, when Jack is happy, Jill is ________________.

Jill loves pizza, but Jack ____________ it.

Jack and Jill are twins, but they are as different as night and __________________.